Steve Jobs’ stolen iPads

I can’t believe some one would still from the dead, even if its Steve Jobs but why did they thought they where going to get away with stealing from the jobs family.
Did the thieves really think thAt there where goign to get away way with this . im glade that they recoverd the stolen items and have the suspects in custudy

Steve Jobs Items Stolen


$150,000 is the total price to clean up after Lollapalooza

Coast of clean up after lollapalooza
After Lollapalooza the price to clean up the park after the 3day concerts wasn’t steep,
but $150,000 it’s a lot but to Lollapalooza it shouldnt be when they made close to a Million dollars

Afghan police attack kills 2 US servicemen

2 US Troops Killed by Afghan Police

The constantly killign with US Servicemen and Afghan people need to stop. It may be time for the US depart from Afghan befour thing’s get more out of control.After Hearing what happen,
now have me thinking how are the Afghan people are post to be the US allies when there own Officers are Killing Us Serviceman