The Democratic National

The Democratic National Convention has been buzzing, from Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn speaks during day one of the Democratic National Convention, according to HuffPost Pat quinn ‘Smeared’ Obama’s Record. The Democratic National Cobention became a big talk after First lady Michelle Obama gave a very powerful speech and had remotivated all the supporters who where watching, and who where attending the Convention. Wensday Night at the convention Someone els Remotivated the supporters also and that person was, Former president Bill Clinton. when Bill Clinton was Addressing the Democratic Convention he was stating true facts,and made good points in his speech from the future of America,and also adreesing issues such as,the Obama’s health care law,the economy, Mitt Romney and the Republicans. But by the end of Mr Clinton speech the building was on there feet showing there support, and befour making his exit President Obama walk unto the stage greeting Mr Clinton With a handshake and a hug, al President Obama greeted the Convention with a few wave’s and hand shake befour leaving the stage with Mr Clinton.


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