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(AllHipHop News) Chief Keef has been having a tough week, as he was recently sentenced to a short bid in a juvenile detention center for a gun violation.

Rockie Fresh, the newest Rick Ross signee, has come to his fellow Chicagoan’s defense as Keef starts a 60-day jail sentence. Rockie told AllHipHop people are quick to judge young people like Keef, but not so quick to mentor them.

“I do feel like people are too hard on him, because they are not doing nothin’ to help. When you an older person and you realize there’s an issue going on with somebody younger, especially in the African American community, older people have a tendency to look down,” Rockie told AllHipHop.com during an interview at Premier Studios in New York. “[They are] totally be disgusted by young people and the moves that we making. But, instead of really trying to find the…

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