New Video By. LiL Durk Dis Aint What U Want

lildurk1Untitled-610x249317a7342a6b411e2be0322000a9f38f1_7DAWYWFSD3The DefJam Rapper & Chicago Native Takes u on awalk through his ruff Chicago  neighborhood while Lil Durk speaks on Many Topics From Him Beging BAND From Preforming at Many Venue’s in the City, and he speaks on how many people blame his music for most of the violence taking place in the city. U will see Chicago Native King L ( KING LOUIE) in the video and many of Lil Durk close Friends.


Scientists have finally succeeded in using cloning to create human embryonic stem cells,

The NewYorkTimes  The researchers, at Oregon Health and Science University, took skin cells from a child with a genetic disease and fused them with donated human eggs to create human embryos that were genetically identical to the child. They then extracted stem cells from those embryos. Read More at The New York Times

Kanye West Lamborghini Smash by Gates

kanye_Kim_aventador-480x358 Kanye West $750,000 Dollar Lamborghini witch is shown in this photo with Kanye West and Kim K. The $750,00 Lamborghini was gift from Kim Kardashian for Kanye West  35th birthday. well According to Us Weekly.

The  expensive Lamborghini was smash on both sides of the car  by Kim Kardashian Gates in this photo below

kanye-west-lamborghini-trapped__oPt  According to TMZ Kanye Was not in the car at the time, and that he is in New York city Resting.