Jayz Adds NBA SuperStar Kevin Durant to sign with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports agency

Shawn Carter, better known as rapper, entrepreneur, Jay Z Made Asnother Power Move When NBA SUPERSTAR KEVIN DURANT IS About to Sign With his Roc Nation Sports Agency.

Kevin Durant Foward for the NBA’S Oklahoma City Thunder and A ThreeTime NBA Scoring Champion,

Rock Nations Has Already Started Signing Bigg Names Such as. Dwyane Wade.   Victor Cruz. Tony Parker. Coach John Calipari. Geno Smith. Robinson Cano. According to Yahoo.com a  source stated Kevin Durant wants JayZ To handle his Branding


250px-Robinson_Cano_holding_bat_2011 022413-smith-geno-600 calipari-fist chris-brown-tony-parker-nba-all-star-party-03 jayz10n-1-copy Dwayne Wade Kevin+Durant+USA+Basketball+Showcase+3IZH65E5hall jay-z-premiere-the-great-gatsby-02


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