Jay-z Celebrated The 40-40 Club 10 Anniversary

972147_510674995654935_3507197_n 996726_510676008988167_452909226_n 1002083_510697442319357_1269827049_n 196490_510649645657470_572017244_n 1012747_510693925653042_1335313991_n 1017591_510673938988374_182582884_n Jay z on Monday Celebrated The 10th Anniversary of his 40-40 Sports Club. Jay z was Accompany by his Wife Singer Bey’once. There where star-studded celebrity appearances from Kylie Minogue, Bethenny Frankel, Adrienne Bailon, rapper T.I., and Wife Tiny.  Robert Kraft, Ricki Noe Kylie Minogue,  Athletes Juan ‘OG’ Perez, Geno Smith, Victor Cruz and Robinson Cano. New York Knicks Amar’e Stoudemire.
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