NEW PARTYKiNG KEYZ {Grind Or Die Verse: $300Bands Feat SPIFF SNIPPET}

Its Been 3 years Since we heard from PARTYKING_KEY Z who was going by $KEYMONEY$ . an artist who was singing and Makin up hooks and rapping & ghost writing for local Chicago artist. from 2005-2010. Between Summer 2008 & 2010 he was on An Indy City based Label Self-made With Label Mate Prince Don, who Party-king Keyz Wrote & Work With for a bit. but since 2010 nobody heard from him. YouTube videos popup of him singing on you tube pages, video of him with Artist and & different Promoters at Concerts & Party’s began to hot the Net. pics of this young partyking Turing up in clubs With Some Of His Friends & Family, all over city’s even spot him over seas, but no music. But late last year i hear keymoney has been going by another name and has went into broadcasting. then podcast and reports start pop in up from key money . now earlier this year i hear he has been in & out of studios with local rappers Prince James, Kobe, ip. ChiRaqKush. The singer jasmine smith. Chicago rapper guestspeakaa and a few we cant name & two local Chicago DJ’s WHo Support him And Spiff who u hear in the back ground of Of His NEw track, PARTY KEYZ has been turning up this year also with two new tracks he drop via twitter and other internet sits .




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