Karter’s babyShower

Photo0382Photo0363Photo0384Baby Karter Babby Shower12027683_10207577340168428_8625156531455372012_n 12027749_10207577338208379_8526243048223165079_n 12038503_10207577338008374_3906818829873018265_n 12039691_10207577337648365_1574345002066730887_n 12039699_10207577334688291_7270131813088292738_n 12042812_10207577339528412_3596136698836415367_n 12046669_10207577339768418_2418861089710918448_n J Dot . KEYZ . Chris Kevo

As Soon As i finally arrived at The Waldorf Astoria  for the event , after getting lost a few times i made it when i entered the home it was just fulling up as any event u would like to be on time. So i rushed inside so everyone i know would no i was present but moments later when i came in contact with PartyKingKeyz he was he was giving me and JDot Stevens runarounds to Assist with from bring in food Helping gusset inside to the event . When the task that was given to me was completed. I Reentered the Event. i walk around and notice it was so many people here  & that it was still people spilling in . Having to step out to check to make a Phone call & check Out  Scores Online. i Soon Was Greeted & Ask To Renter The Event By Fashion Designer . Mother,Stylist. and Event Specialist The PartyKing Keyz Fiancee  The Beautiful } ShayTiaira .  Who Also organize her own Baby Shower While being Pregnant ,but With The Help Of Her Team . i did what was told , enjoyed the event and had some many plates of Tasty Foods Witch i had to work ever harder at the Gym The Following Weeks After

Enjoy Photos        

 12047000_10207577378689391_337622061639912999_n 12063391_10207577341208454_7117370395543064428_n 12063732_10207577336568338_5197773803580190720_n 12063831_10207577338648390_3962087543718078139_n 12065583_10207577339168403_4055771646993919339_n 12065678_10207577340808444_2448376940272074576_n                                                               Enjoy This SneakPeak Into The Baby Christening  Happy6 Month Karter  Harris

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