#NoTalking Summer 16 Release Preview Has Arrvied


Chicago Brand #NoTalking Summer 16 Release Preview Has Arrvied .

The ChatMan Brothers Brought More Visual To The Brand to The New #NoTalking Appreal ,& Even added more Updates and details to Newly Adding  Face LogStamp, Chains . Jerseys . Joggers. SnapBacks. Casual T’s . Newly Added  The Brothers Even Expanded To The Relase Of  #NoTalking For The Little Ones .Toddler Appreal

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Steve From Exclusive Lets PartyKing Keyz No THe #1 Spot 2 Shop

IN THIS VIDEO THE PartyKing Keyz finds out the number one spot to shop, Keyz Meets With Steve From Exclusive 773 . The Two Speaks On Fashion For The New Year . N This Brief Brief Interview

PartyKing Keyz


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Capo One Half Founder Of #NOTALKING

Here’s a One on one with Capo 


Capo 1

Take a Ride in a Day in a life With  The Founders Of NOTALKING & DroCity Rapper BossWoo

Capo 6

no talking 6


Quick Moment With Capo

Capo’s Gives You a Behind the seen Of “Drillers” Video #NoTalking

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The NOTALKING Brand Has Been Spot all over the city of Chicago, The Foundera has been pushing there brand for few years now, but it the brand name hasnt had a the buzz & the  supporters that the have now, The Success of the Brand didnt come over night it took plenty of Hard work and dedication, The Founders has even expanded the brand Across few other city’s, an even expandeing into the music Industry with Support of hip hop & R&B artis, 2013 will be a big year for the Founders , The NOTALKING offers a wide Verity of clothing.

NO TALKING no talking 3

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